Simple Home Window Installation

You may easily instal your own windows without a lot of effort or knowledge.

Window installation is something that you, the amateur handyman, can perform at the drop of a hat if you have the correct instructions and materials. Simply follow a few basic instructions, and you’ll be astonished at how well you’ve done. You won’t have to hire a contractor to complete the work for you, either!If you’re looking for more tips, Carolina Home Specialists has it for you.

First and foremost, make sure you buy a pre-hung window and read all of the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly. Begin by deciding where your new window will be put inside your home. Mark the window’s corners and pound nails into the wall on the outside of your house. Draw the whole perimeter of the window using a level, making sure the opening is properly defined. Now walk outside and saw through the siding and sheathing of your house, following the lines you’ve drawn.

You’re now ready to go on to the next phase of your window installation job. Pick up your new window and set it in the gap you’ve just made. The aperture should be slightly bigger than the size of your real window. If it doesn’t quite fit, take a little piece of the remaining siding and cut it away until it does. Then, using flashing tape to hold it in place, instal a moisture barrier around the perimeter of the window opening. Keep spacers and shims flush with the outside and inner walls at the bottom of the window opening.

It’s now time to instal your window. Take your new window outdoors and place it on the bottom edge of the window opening. Push the window’s top into the window opening, keeping it centred as you do so. Drive some temporary nails into the corners of the opening to hold the window in place while you’re putting it in the opening for further support. Before firmly nailing the window into the casing, double-check that it works well. Finally, make sure that both the inner and outside walls are well-sealed with flashing.

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