Sex And Love Tips

Sex and love are two of the most talked-about and divisive themes in man’s psychology and social consciousness. As a male, I chose to prioritise sex over love in this post. Is this a statement about my gender? Will it be the other way around if this article had been written by a woman? Or would it be contingent on the woman – or her mood or the interplay of her hormones on the day she wanted to write this article? I hope I’m not coming across as sexist here, but the point is, where do these two factors stand in relation to one another, and what factors decide their importance?

While we might believe that men are more concerned with sex and women are more concerned with love, this is clearly a broad generalisation that might not be applicable in the real world. Hormones are present in all of us. Our sexual hormones make us want to have sex with a person of the opposite gender (well the vast majority of us anyway). The explanation for this intense desire is that it is a prerequisite for the species’ survival. The species can not survive without sex and the union of sperm and ovum. It’s for the same reason that ignoring hunger is difficult. Hormones also trigger hunger, which tells us that we need to eat to stay alive. It’s just a survival instinct. click for more info

Other members of the animal kingdom share our desires and habits. But, unlike monkeys, we are not just animals (at least not most of us), and we can’t just go around having sex with the nearest mate. Even monkeys have their own rituals and social practises. Man is conscious of himself, and he has a vast system of social norms, religious values, and cultural traditions. For the survival mechanism to function, sex must eventually occur, and children must be born, but the ways in which we come together differ from culture to culture.

As a result, we have love. Of course, there are several different forms of love, but we’re talking about the love between a man and a woman here. This love can’t be based solely on physical attraction. We’re a lot more complicated than that. It must, however, have sexual desire as a fundamental component. Love tends to be a combination of sublimated and not-so-sublimated sexual energy, good communication, and a degree of agreement between the two partners on various aspects of life, whether political, social, cultural, or artistic. To put it another way, they should have some life experience in common.

The initial attraction is a fascinating subject in and of itself. Certain types of people are sexually appealing to us, while others are not. I’m not only referring to whether or not the individual is slim, whether or not the woman has large breasts, or whether or not the man is athletic. Most of us don’t live up to these high expectations. I’m referring to physical features such as hair colour, eye colour, the way a person smiles, their demeanour, or the way they dress.

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