Roku Channels Online-An Overview

Before I get into the ring with Boxee vs Roku, I’d like to give a little overview of the two fighters. Despite the fact that their names sound like boxers from a faraway land, the Boxee and the Roku are actually media boxes that allow you to watch various types of information from the Internet or media stored on your computer on your TV rather than your computer screen. Do you want to learn more? visit

While you used to have to first download the material to your computer before watching it, these two allow you to stream (rather than download) material from a wide range of streaming media providers such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, Vudu, Pandora, and others. You can either pay a monthly subscription fee or pay per watch to access these content providers. However, if you already have downloaded material on your computer’s hard disc, both of these players can play popular media formats from your hard disc, such as MPEG video, MP3 audio, and JPEG photos.

Comparison between Boxee with Roku

In this Boxee vs Roku comparison, I’ve presented the facts on a product-by-product basis, but first, let me highlight the common features in both products:

Both have HDMI connections.

Both of these devices are capable of playing popular media such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. Both can connect to your home network wirelessly. Both include Facebook-compatible apps that allow you to share photos, videos, and links. Both have a micro SD slot that can be used to extend memory.

What Are The Boxee’s Strengths And Weaknesses In This Boxee vs Roku Battle? Boxee can play Vudu, which has the latest Hollywood blockbusters, and the 5.1 sound channel is fantastic, especially if you are a movie buff. Boxee’s Netflix interface is superior to Roku’s. Hulu Plus isn’t available. This appears to be due to business agreements that both parties must finalise, rather than technical limits.

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