Retirement Income Planning – Guidelines

The most common dilemma for retirement income planning is this: You either can make very inefficient non-income producing investments or enjoy safe low risk with good return. You wisely pick two and give the other one (or both) the boot. That’s it in a nutshell. But this is just the first phase of a two-part retirement income strategy.Kindly visit .

The second phase is where you have to work smart, not hard to accomplish your retirement income planning goals. Now you’ve eliminated the “woods” and gotten closer to the “crown jewels.” How do you get to enjoy the benefits of your retirement plan without having to dig into your “rock” of taxes? There are a number of tricks you can pull off to effectively minimize your tax liability while maximizing the amount of tax-free wealth you build.

In my opinion, the best retirement income planning option is in annuities. It’s not that I think annuities are inherently unsafe or risky. It’s just that they require a very long term investment time frame. Annuities allow you to lock in your compounding returns over many years. For example, you can build an interest-bearing portfolio in place that grows tax-free while your real estate portfolio grows at a moderate rate.

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