Pests can be a nuisance, especially in warm seasons. As much as there are some chemicals products in the market that can effectively kill pests and insects, one has to consider their health and safety. There is a lot of information about environmental awareness that has caused a change in the use of pest control methods. Here are some natural home pests control remedies that are effective, safe and friendly to the environment.

Juice from citrus fruits

Citrus juice is known for effective control of pests in homesteads. They are mostly used as pest deterrents on a small scale. This natural spray is created by mixing undiluted lemon and orange juices and sprinkling them with cracks and other hiding places. One can also keep the lemon and orange peels in the cupboard to keep off the insects and pests. The bitter taste contained in citrus fruits is perfect for keeping off pests and moths.citrus juice

Ground coffee beans

Unlike humans, pests hate the smell of ground coffee. If you sprinkling ground coffee on the entry points and paths of ants and moths, it can help prevent pest’s access to your home. Any contact between the pests and the ground coffee will kill them almost instantly. Aunts have a way of sensing the coffee beans and keeping off. This way, your homestead is kept free of pests and aunts. For those who are uncomfortable with the smell of coffee, cinnamon and pepper can be used as alternatives.

Set up a herb garden

Apart from the aesthetic value that plants give our homesteads, some plants are good at keeping off pests and insects. Rosemary flowers, marigold, and catnip have been proven to keep off mosquitoes and other pests. Most insects and flies do not like the smell of thyme and basil. For this reason, one can set up herb garden that has these flowers. You can also put containers that have these plants on your windows and near the doors. This will prevent any pest from entering your house.

Essential oils

Eucalyptus and Neem oils are effective pest deterrents. Apart from keeping of flying insects because of their scent, they are the best enemies for spiders. Spiders taste using their feet, spraying the oil in the dark corners of the room where spiders like hiding will keep them off forever. Neem oil repels mosquito and therefore can be very useful during summer. The oils are not harmful to the kids and cause no pollution to the environment.

Drain any stagnant water

stagnant waterStagnant water form breeding grounds for mosquitoes. The water bowl for your pet should be drained and changed regularly to avoid any form of breeding. Any buckets that hold water for long periods should be drained regularly to prevent mosquito breeding. These safety measures will ensure that your home is free from pest infestation. General tiding can also prevent moths and other forms of pest infestation. Any cracks can be filled to prevent hiding places and keep the home free of pests.

Instead of getting chemical products that are unsafe when used to keep the pests away from your home, one can adopt these natural pest control means that are healthy and good for the environment.