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If you live in a region of the country with cold winters, such as Massachusetts, you might be curious why anyone would suggest roof replacement during the winter. It isn’t as rare as you may imagine. Even in cold and snowy regions like Massachusetts, where I grew up, several roofing companies provide services all year. With a few exceptions, roofing Massachusetts homes during the winter is no different for a roofing contractor than it is at any other time of year, and some roofing contractors and crews also like it. Let’s start with what makes roofing more complicated this time of year, as well as the arguments for not getting a new roof built now.Have a look at Mifflinburg Allen Stoltzfus for more info on this.

It’s just too cold outside to replace the roof.

This statement is clearly unconvincing. Who cares if it’s freezing outside right now? Your roof is unconcerned.

Your roof’s installation team is unconcerned. Don’t be concerned about the installation crew. They wouldn’t be out there fixing the new roof in the first place if the cold irritated them too much; instead, they’d be doing an indoor job. All of the guys I know enjoy roofing in the winter simply because it is freezing. In the middle of the season, consider roofing a black roof. Let me tell you, it was a lot of fun. If it’s 90 degrees outside, it feels like 110 degrees up on the roof in the summer (and sometimes is).

My roof is now covered with too much snow to be removed.

This is why God invented snow shovels, my friend.

Shoveling snow off of a roof is not a difficult task. Snow removal normally takes half an hour to an hour, and most roofing contractors don’t bill extra for this as long as they’re there to replace the roof, not just shovel snow (a service which many roofing companies provide in the North East). Is it necessary for the crew to be cautious in order to prevent falling? Yes, of course. When it comes to roofing a home, though, the crew must be cautious in any way; this is nothing new. These guys are experts, and for a conscientious roofing firm, protection can and should still come first.

Okay, I just gave you two reasons why many people assume that roofing should not be undertaken in the winter, and why none of them are really valid reasons. Let me now send you the top four reasons why you should get your roof patched this time of year.

1.) Leaks caused by ice dams.

The winter in Massachusetts puts your house and roof to the test in ways that no other season does. The feared ice trap is the most frequent source of roof leakage in the winter. Built-up snow falls and flows down the roof, only to refreeze at the very edge of the roof line, creating an ice dam over the eaves of a building. To avoid ice dams from destroying the house and causing leakage, roofing contractors in Massachusetts and other cold environment areas use a device named “ice & water shield” in tandem with proper drip-edge flashing techniques. When performed right, this procedure offers extra protection for at least 3 feet up from both roof edges. Some older roofs are without the “ice and water barrier.” If your roof is leaking due to ice jams, now is a good time to get it adequately repaired so that ice dams don’t bother you and your house in the future.

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