House Needs Chimney Repointing or Capping-At A Glance

The covers that go on top of your chimney flues are known as chimney caps. Rain and animal shields are other names for them. They are attached to the top of the chimney flue, which prevents rain from dripping down the flue into your fire box. Wild birds and rodents are kept out of the chimney by the integrated screen around the chimney cap, which also allows smoke from a fire to escape. The cap also prevents leaves and other debris from accumulating in the flue, check this link right here now.

To ensure that the chimney is free of debris, you can have it inspected on a regular basis. When chimney sweeps clean your flues, they usually provide this service.

A clogged chimney not only invites insect infestations, but it also poses a fire hazard. Frequent cleaning, as well as keeping the chimney covered with chimney caps, is the simplest way to ensure that your home remains in top working order.

Smoke filling your fireplace, the presence of animals and unwanted bugs, and water entering through the chimney are all signs that your chimney needs to be cleaned. Both of these have their own set of drawbacks, but an excessive amount of water will wreak havoc on your roof and land. As a result, it’s important that you keep chimney caps on safely and securely to protect your home from these issues.

When you have your fireplace inspected, you will find that having a professional instal the chimney cap for you is the best option. This prevents you from having to climb to the top of your roof and ensures that the cap is correctly mounted and placed. At the same time, a roofer will ensure that your chimney is properly cleaned and in proper working order.

You’ll also be pleased to learn that there are several options available when it comes to chimney caps. Copper, painted, or stainless steel chimney caps are available. These metals are extremely durable and help to ensure that you can enjoy your fireplace while also enhancing the d├ęcor, design, and style of your home. Stainless steel could be the best option. The painted galvanised steel caps can corrode sooner or later, and they are usually just a few dollars cheaper than the stainless steel caps. Copper caps can last as long as stainless steel caps, but as you would expect, they are more expensive.

Although most chimney tradespeople can instal chimney caps, it’s also common for a roofer to do so while inspecting, repairing, or replacing your roof. Since you are not paying for travel time, the additional work done when the contractor is at your home is negligible. This is something we frequently do for our roofing customers who want to prevent issues in the future.

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