Gutter Protection Systems – Cost Benefit Analysis

Strainers for Gutter Downspouts

Strainers are the most economical, and they are usually made of plastic, aluminium, or steel. A collection of strainers will last 5-7 years if they are cleaned on a regular basis. The cost of equipping your home is typically less than $100, and it allows your gutters to be serviced at a regular gutter cleaning rate. Although strainers do not provide a cover to keep debris out of the gutters per se, they do prevent debris from travelling down the downspout and clogging the downspout drainage system.Learn more about us at Gutterilla – Seamless & Guards Installation

Netting for Gutter Covers

If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative to gutter covers, consider netting. It’s simple to mount, inexpensive (typically less than $300-$500), and available at most home improvement stores. Gutter covers, such as netting, will help protect your gutters, but there are some disadvantages to using this form of product.

The netting would be damaged by the sun and become brittle after a few years. On the roof line, debris will pile up behind the netting. Roofing debris like needles, leaves, and moss will weigh the material down and cause it to sag into the gutter. When it comes time to clean the gutters, the netting may become hard and sharp, cutting the fingers and the staples that hold the netting in place. At best, life expectancy is 3-5 years. If you have this material installed in your house, you may also expect your cleaning costs to increase.

Plastic or Metal Gutter Covers

Plastic or metal covers, which are on average 3ft long and eight inches wide and are intended to fit under the roofing material on the first row and clip onto the top lip of the home gutter device, are a good option if you want anything a little more sturdy. Installing a gutter security device like this will cost anywhere from $500 to $1200, and it will protect your home for 7 to 10 years on average. When this form of device is built in your house, you can expect your cleaning costs to increase by a third. Since debris breaks down and falls into the gutters, gutter cleaning should be done every 2 to 3 years.

The weather may cause the gutter covers to become brittle over time, so these systems are not without flaws. The amount of debris on the surface also has an effect on these covers. The weight of the debris will cause gutter covers to collapse and fall into the gutter drainage system. These covers can become blurred over time and will no longer be usable in the way they were intended.

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