General Dentistry: Overview

Any dentist must take and pass a general dentistry course before they can practise. The entire programme takes several years to complete. More years can be applied to the individual’s studies if he wants to undertake a subspecialty. Other than the care and prevention of diseases and disorders of the mouth, there are other facets of it.Learn more by visitingĀ  Tolley Dental of Woodstock

Other parts of the jaw, such as the maxillofacial areas and other associated parts, can be handled by a dental professional. In certain cases, a person’s overall health can be related to the health of his or her oral cavity. Dentists are classified into two categories: Doctors of Dental Surgery and Doctors of Dental Medicine.


To proceed to general dentistry, a person must meet certain criteria. Before applying for admission to a dental college, a person must complete a four-year course in a related field. This four-year programme, known as premed, should contain certain topics that are applicable to the primary curriculum.

Microbiology, genetics, and chemistry are the three subjects. Anyone interested in becoming a dentist should first take a test to determine his qualifications. This exam is known as the Dental Admission Examination, and it should be submitted along with the premed college course that the individual has already completed to the dental college of choice. In certain cases, an individual’s admission to a dental college is dependent on just a few subjects.

It takes about four years to complete general dentistry. The students work on oral pathology, dental diagnosis and care, as well as honing their clinical skills, during this period. On his fourth year, the aspiring dentist is expected to complete an externship. Since this externship is intended to be a rotation, he will be introduced to all facets of his soon-to-be practise rather than concentrating on a single subspecialty. The American Dental Association must accredit the dental college.

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