Invisalign – Get a Beautiful Smile Without Using Braces

Clear aligners, also known as invisalign braces, are clear, movable orthodontic brackets made out of clear plastic that are used to straighten teeth with a ceramic plate. They are much like the traditional metal braces but are more convenient and comfortable to wear. An Invisalign aligner will not be visible to other people when worn because they are made from clear, translucent material that can be seen from a short distance away. The aligners do not have any moving parts and the ceramic material is specially designed to move with the teeth without causing stress to the brackets. Click this link here now Invisalign-4th & Morris Dentistry – Dr. Jaji Dhaliwal

When you first get your Invisalign braces, the dentist will place clear “practice” aligners in the mouth so that you can see how the appliance will look like when it is fully installed. After this, your dentist will install the brackets that will attach to each tooth in your mouth. The “practice” aligners will be removed at night and replaced with the new invisalign attachments. During the first few weeks, the teeth will need to be cleaned to remove any small debris that can be picked up during normal cleaning and also to help the braces adhere better to the teeth.

The Invisalign system has been proven to be successful in correcting misaligned teeth, such as crowded spaces between teeth, crooked teeth, overbites, underbites, and many more problems that occur when traditional braces are used. It is a pain-free way to get a beautiful smile and will also allow you to eat foods that are normally difficult to digest. You will not have to worry about the traditional metal braces being seen when you eat or drink anything. Your mouth will be completely clean and you will not even need to remove your toothbrush during the cleaning process. You will also not need to wear the Invisalign aligners during the first few weeks because the braces will be fixed to the front of the teeth, leaving your cheeks free of any metal.