Advanced Bio Treatment – Things to consider

Advanced Bio Treatment is a leading bio hazard response and clean-up company operating in over twenty-nine states. The company uses a myriad of cleanup teams specialized in crime scenes cleanup as well as other hazardous waste remediation projects. Advanced Bio-Treatment also performs civil engineering projects as well as environmental management projects for municipal, county and state agencies. The firm is accredited by the EPA.

The Advanced Bio-Treatment facility in Cincinnati was created after a former police officer experienced symptoms of exposure to a chemical used in autoclaves. After retiring as a police officer, he began working for another firm and was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD. Because of this disease, he could no longer function on his own, but rather required ongoing medical care.

After several months of living with symptoms of COPD, the former police officer developed respiratory problems. He was assigned to work at a trauma center where he cared for dozens of trauma victims. One day while treating these victims, the victim’s eyestrain progressed to the point where it was debilitating. He was unable to see clearly and suffered from headaches, blurred vision and severe pain. He was then assigned to Advanced Bio-Treatment in Cincinnati.

The staff at Advanced Bio-Treatment was able to help the former police officer recuperate and return to work. They worked with the victims on a one on one basis and with the help of a physical therapist, were able to help the man to regain control of his life. The staff at Advanced Bio-Treatment was instrumental in keeping the trauma survivor comfortable. They helped him to exercise his muscles which prevented further damage to the muscles of his face as a result of the stress that the trauma survivors experienced during their time in the hospital.

The medical care provided by the staff at Advanced Bio-Treatment also served a psychological purpose. They helped the man focus on being able to live again. They also helped the man to rid himself of negative thoughts by offering professional biohazard response services throughout the day and night. The trauma team at Advanced Bio-Treatment worked closely with other teams throughout the area to ensure that crime scene cleanup services across the county were handled with the highest standards of excellence.