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My friend was debating what he should do next. She considered complaining about him to one of the senior partners, but she was afraid it would be viewed as a possible lawsuit (they were a law firm, after all), not to mention a labelling as a non-team player. It would almost certainly jeopardise her ability to remain with the company. For more details click The Clark Law Office.

She had put in a lot of effort to get this far, and she didn’t want to waste it all because of this jerk. She was in such a pickle that instead of launching this potentially career-changing “snowball,” she considered secretly leaving. I gave her a knowing nod and grinned before telling her the following storey. For many years, I supported myself by working in the engineering sector. I began as an apprentice drafter and worked my way up through the ranks, eventually reaching the position of Senior Engineer (doing just about every job in between).

Our office was roughly 75% men, and women weren’t really considered “outside” engineer content at the time. (This entails going to work sites and crawling in and out of manholes, carrying heavy equipment, and so on.) They had a few female engineers, but they were usually relegated to the Records Department, which didn’t require them to inspect any work sites. (It also didn’t have many development opportunities.)

If you wanted to work in field engineering, you had to show that you were physically and mentally capable of doing the job. That meant sticking up for yourself while you were out on the job with a group of guys who thought you didn’t know what you were doing. (I got “little laded enough to choke Scarlet O’Hara over the years.)

The majority of the managers were nice, but there was one assistant manager who was younger than the others and was always trying to show that he was “the boss” (definite overcompensation). As a result, he continued to make sexual comments and remarks directed at all the women in the workplace, in the hopes of “improving his status” in management’s exclusive Boy’s Club. (Remember, this was in the late 1970s.)

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