Tips about Advanced Bio Treatment

In Systematic Bio Energetics, the mind’s eye is used to “see or hear” a defect or illness within the human body (via the etheric body). Knowing how organs, glands, and the skeletal structure appear in the body helps you see the organ or gland in the mind’s eye and direct energy from the hands to the points. To aid healing, the nervous system, meridians, and pressure points are all used. What distinguishes it from others? An Overview of the Human Body! The aim of the energy revolution! Advanced Bio Treatment has some nice tips on this.

After all, energy is a real thing! Have you ever looked up at the sun with your eyes closed and seen spots? The Optic Nerve in your eye vibrates as the sun’s energy passes through it, allowing energy to circulate through it. By placing a red-light bulb in a completely dark area, such as your closet or bathroom, and ensuring that no light enters, I will demonstrate how it works. Make a miniature lamp out of the light and gradually expose your eyes to the red light. After that, look at your hands and see how the energy field interacts with your fingers. This is how I learned about electricity. You can draw energy from your fingertips, stretch it, and change the colour of the energy by wiggling your fingers!

You have an energy field…and understanding where it is and how to use it can assist you in balancing a diminished energy circuit in a client who is afflicted with an illness or physical weakness. Acupressure is one part of a Systematic Bio Energetics treatment plan. A counselling session will be included in the procedure to determine the root cause of the body’s malfunction. Stress and emotional discomfort are believed to be the cause of over 90% of physical illness and medical symptoms, according to medical literature.

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