The Hidden Gem of Arthur Avenue Restaurants

This “cost” is non-negotiable and applies to all processing companies. A basis point is one hundredth of a percent. Interchange-plus pricing is the cheapest and most straightforward pricing model in the merchant services industry, depending on the basis points. 2) Be aware of the processing fee. Over the course of a month, transaction fees add up. Restaurants can charge $0.10 per transaction as a minimum. 3) Finally, ask about possible setup fees. Due to the competitive nature of the credit card processing industry, many processors provide free account setup and terminal download services. However, it’s crucial to read the contract carefully because these related, unspoken payments can easily be ignored, costing the restaurant hundreds of dollars before a single transaction is completed. Gerbasi Ristorante – Arthur Avenue Restaurants

Today’s restaurant without a website is akin to a company without a phone 30 years ago. Customers use search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN (Bing) to find restaurants that can meet their needs and fulfil their hunger. Restaurants without an online presence risk losing a potential customer to a rival who can be identified online with a few mouse clicks. A user-friendly website detailing menu items and restaurant highlights will quickly and effectively establish an online presence.

Consumers are increasingly using self-service order placement as a result of the rise of web-based and cell-phone culture. Customers can order directly from the website using online ordering menus found on restaurant websites. This enables restaurants to reach out to the 75% of people who order takeout at least once a month. An online ordering system can help a restaurant generate additional revenue while still streamlining the ordering process. The order is instantly faxed, emailed, or sent to the restaurant’s internal point of sale terminal for processing. This ordering system allows for better customer contact as well as more accurate monitoring and control of orders.

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