Ostomy Bracelets Versus Hernia Belts

Ostomy Support Belts helps people by providing increased protection from their ostomy bags, while still allowing them to move freely within their day-to-day lives. Osterie supports are custom fit belts with built-in straps that connect directly to an ostomy pouch. The belts have adjustable buckles and elasticized back straps for easy on/off and are made from 100% medical grade nylon, polypropylene, or a combination of materials, which give the belt added strength and durability. It is also completely seamless, so no one will ever know you’re wearing an ostomy support belt. browse this site
Osterie wraps offer similar protection, in the form of compression wraps (or “bunds”). They are also seamless, but only in the front. In the case of an ostomy support belt, the wearer has full access to all areas of the pouch, while a compression wrap offers limited access to the front. Both wraps are comfortable and provide excellent support and mobility, while reducing the visibility of ostomy bag movement. Both wraps can be worn for extended periods because they are not only very effective at controlling bowel movements and increasing overall blood flow, but also because they can be easily taken off for regular bathroom or sleep wear.
The second type of ostomy belts are hernia belts, which are great for people who have undergone hernia surgery, as the openings in the former are highly restrictive for aftercare. Hernia belts work with the same purpose as ostomy support belts, but have an additional benefit of being incredibly discreet and reusable. The former provides excellent pouch covers, while the latter provides excellent protection from hernia and other related complications. They are perfect for quick-fix aftercare options, but can also be worn every day to maintain optimal health and function. For this reason, hernia belts are the most popular kind of ostomy support belt, especially since the convenience and durability of these devices make them the most affordable post-op option available today.

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