Main Points Related to Artesia Teflon Gaskets

What are the three types of Teflon Gaskets? They are: Virgin Teflon, Thermoplastics and Silicone Spray. What makes Thermoplastic, Silicone and Teflon different is the fact that they all have a different molecular structure which allows them to be more flexible and conductive of heat. They all also posses a high level of hardness which makes them ideal for use where high temperatures need to be applied such as ovens, fryers and car exhaust systems. If you are looking for more tips, check out Artesia Teflon gaskets

What are the advantages of Teflon (Teflon) Gaskets? Thermoplastic, Silicone and Teflon gel fillings are able to prevent food from sticking to them during freezing, thus ensuring a long product life and preventing loss of food. Virgin Teflon is able to maintain a food sheen and colour for a much longer period of time than other Teflon based materials such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or thermoplastic chlorinated polypropylene (PCP). Thermoset Teflon is able to withstand high temperatures and is commonly used as oven liner in food preparation and deodorizing. Silicone and Thermoplastic both work as plasticizers but do not provide the same level of protection.

So why should we use Teflon (Teflon) Gasket material? Due to its superior electrical and physical properties as well as superior thermal and chemical resistance, it is widely used to protect metal components of refrigeration coils, water chillers, desiccant hoses, desiccant pads in industrial ovens, gas piping and pumps, electrical connectors, electrical panel soldering and many other application specific parts in a wide range of industrial applications. The ultimate benefit from using Teflon is that its use prevents contamination of food. Since most chemicals released in food processing are deposited on the surface of food the use of Teflon Gaskets will keep your restaurant and/or laboratory sanitary and safe. There are many different grades of Teflon, some more effective than others, however the higher grade products have a much longer life span. For maximum benefit from your Teflon coated product you should contact a qualified Thermoset repair company to install the gasket material correctly.

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