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In the best-case scenario, a fall on the ice results in no injuries. The person who falls is unharmed as a result of the accident. Slipping on ice can result in broken bones, muscle strain, tailbone injury, and even head injury. These accidents may have long-term health consequences as well as affect the person’s daily life and activities. If you walk to and from your house often, remove the winter ice to reduce the risk of injury. Sidewalk Repair-Sidewalk Contractorsin┬áhas some nice tips on this.

Many attorneys are well-versed in the rules governing damages. It’s possible that the city will be held liable for the loss of a slip-and-fall lawsuit, or that the homeowner will be saddled with the costs. In that case, a Canadian court of appeal ruled that the municipality was at fault. This does not absolve all homeowners of liability for injuries sustained on the sidewalk adjacent to their property.

The holiday season, home renovations in preparation for the coldest months of the year, and so much more all take place during the winter months. As a result, many people overlook one of the most common causes of injury in the winter: slipping and falling accidents caused by slippery sidewalks, stairs, and parking lots.

Of course, accidents can happen at any time of year, but they are much more frequent during the winter months, when many property owners fail to meet their legal obligations to protect not only themselves, but also others. Ice, snow, rain, sleet, or even negligence can cause a variety of slip, step, and fall accidents.

Personal injury lawyers are primarily concerned with defending victims’ civil rights while keeping criminals accountable for the damages they have caused. You will be entitled to claim a substantial monetary reward for your accident injuries if you hire a good personal injury attorney. This includes, but is not limited to, your pain and suffering, lost income due to your inability to work, and medical expenses.

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