How to Win a Child Custody Case – The Important Steps

For both the parent and the infant, child custody cases are torturous. Things worsen as the case progresses, taking a long time to complete. Do not give up hope; instead, brace yourself for what you will face during the proceedings and make sure you have everything you need to gain custody of your children. The measures below are some of the most significant. Browse this site listing about Moore Family Law Group-Family Law Lawyer
Find a well-resourced lawyer – The first and most important step is to hire a successful lawyer. Find the best group of lawyers in your region and schedule a meeting with each of them. Even if you’re happy with the first one, go to all of them to find the best of the bunch. When choosing an attorney, keep the following points in mind.
Before hiring an attorney, make sure he has a capable and competent team of support staff who can better direct you in the event that the attorney is unavailable.
Look for an attorney who is a member of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, since they are typically the most capable, with a broad understanding of child custody issues and up to date on the most recent case laws. Choose a lawyer who has a lot of experience and is knowledgeable in all aspects of child custody.
If your case ends up in family court, hire a lawyer who is familiar with the local politics and, in particular, the judge who will be overseeing the proceedings.
Expert Witnesses – Ask your attorney if any expert witnesses, such as psychologists, social workers, or investigators, are needed. An investigator will uncover the opposite parent’s unethical character, which would be more convincing in court than your own. The court considers a psychologist’s opinion on the child’s argument to be very relevant.
Documentation – During this process, you’ll need to keep a calendar to keep track of all the important dates and events in your own handwriting. This highly valued documentary evidence is admired in court, especially when the opposing party is unable to produce similar evidence.
Purchase an adaptor for your phone and attach it to a recorder, or purchase a small pocket-sized recorder to record anything. Keep detailed records of all conversations between you and the other parent, which would be incredibly useful to your solicitor. In custody cases, it is common for parents to act aggressively in front of each other while concealing their behaviour in front of their counsel or judges. As a result, if the chance occurs, such as in the case of negation, these documents will expose the other party in its true light.

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