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Established in 2021. The House Call Dentist is dedicated to serving those who find it difficult to go to their regular dentist office. Mobility, time, fear, or even financial constraints can be some of the reasons to see a different dentist. Today, you could visit the dentist at any place you wish – at your convenience! You’d no longer need to make an excuse or endure any pain thanks to the new technology and services of the House Call Dentist. Get the facts about San Francisco House Call Dentist

Being a full-fledged dental care center, the House Call Dental Clinic provides every possible comfort for the patients who require dentistry. From appointment, to examination, all the way to the treatment and post-treatment procedures, the entire process will be taken care of by highly qualified professionals. There are many procedures that a patient may have to undergo, including fillings, root canal treatments, bridges, crowns, and so on. Whatever your dental concerns may be, the house call dentist will always be ready and willing to help!
The professional dentists at the House Call Dental Clinic understand that every patient’s schedule is different. Therefore, they offer a wide variety of options to cater to each individual’s needs. For instance, there are tooth whitening services which could be availed of by clients who wish to have whiter and brighter teeth. Also, there are also comprehensive pre-medical services like X-rays, fluoride application, and oral cavity examinations. Thus, whatever your dental care needs, you could always count on the house call dentistry to provide the best quality services to its patients!


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450 Sutter St #2318, San Francisco, CA 94108
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