Color Changing LED Deck Lights – Two Options For Deck Lighting

When you are redecorating your deck, one of the best ways to add new life and depth is to use a combination of LED and flush mount flood lights. These are both low-voltage, long-lasting lights that can be easily installed in your existing deck. There are two basic color options available: white and blue. Click this link now The Christmas Guys-Color Changing Led Deck Lights
If you have a lovely full deck, you might want to choose the full-color LED floodlight. These lights come standard in white and blue, and are an affordable way to give your deck a nice bright look without overdoing it. They are designed for both single and double-light applications. The standard size for a single light controller is six feet, but models with additional flood lights available can handle up to nine feet. The benefit of the extra lights is not only increased security, but also a better light control. When installing your new color changing LED deck lights, be sure to check with your supplier to find out the maximum wattage allowed for your particular model and lighting system.
If you are building an addition to your home or just want to give your deck a whole new look, there are a variety of color options available as well. LED single color lights can be purchased in a variety of colors, allowing you to easily coordinate your new accessory with your current deck decor. And, flush mount lights can be added as an accent to any single color deck light, creating a truly unique deck design.

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