Change a Convatec Ostomy Bag Properly – Ostomy Support Belt-Stealth Belt

Ostomy patients must be kept sterile at all times, which ensures that all ostomy items must be changed and purged on a regular basis. Furthermore, effective materials, such as a secure opaque convatec ostomy bag and other supplies, must be used to prevent skin irritations. Learning how to adjust these supplies correctly is reasonably important. Look at this website Ostomy Support Belt-Stealth Belt
Changing an ostomy bag takes just 10-20 minutes and is relatively easy. Here’s how to do it:
1. It is important to wash your hands before handling any ostomy accessories.
2. Gather all of the items required for the change and position them within easy reach. Prepare the following items: an adhesive remover, a wafer, a skin protector, a measuring guide, a pencil, a stomahesive paste, plastic bags, a clean towel, a washcloth, scissors, and a new pouch.
3. Begin by removing the pouch from the bag.
4. If necessary, use the adhesive remover to remove the tape that covers the old ostomy wafer. With the other hand, keeping the skin tightly in place while gently moving the wafer away.
5. Place all of the old pouches, wafers, and other waste items into a disposable plastic bag, except the film. Using an ez-zip seal made of low-density polyethylene plastic to dispose of used ostomy waste items quickly and easily with one sweeping side. Furthermore, use light-absorbing film plastics to ensure complete material invisibility and a clean appearance.
6. Use a washcloth and warm water to clean the skin and stoma. Do this in the shower to prevent a mess, but avoid using scented soaps because they can leave films. Cleaning in the bathroom saves time and effort because any waste that comes out of the stoma can be washed down the drain right away.
7. Pat the skin dry and use the measuring guide to measure the stoma first, leaving just 1/8″ to 1/16″ between the measuring guide and the stoma.
8. Trace the correct size onto the back of the wafer, starting in the middle of the starter hole, and cut out this hole.
9. Apply a layer of skin protectant to the area where the wafer will be mounted.
10. Remove the paper from the wafer and cover the circle with stomahesive paste. To smooth the paste, wet your finger with water. This prevents the paste from sticking to your finger.
11. Remove the backing paper from the tape and adhere the object to the stoma. Make sure the stoma is centred in the hole. Smooth it into the skin with a firm click.
12. Insert the wafer into the new pouch.
13. Gently press for a few seconds to ensure a proper seal before closing the ostomy bag’s bottom with the clip and you’re finished.
If changing is not done in the shower room, remember to stand over an old towel or paper towels to collect waste from the stoma. Also, avoid feeding the ostomy patient late at night before the scheduled shift to reduce stoma production. Although some bleeding is natural, any irregular colour, size, shape, or bleeding should be reported to your ET nurse.

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