Achieve a Healthy Pregnancy – Incorporate Chiropractic Care

Structural Changes in the Body During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes a number of physiological and endocrinological changes that help to establish the ideal environment for a growing baby. Checkout chiropractor falls church va for more info. However, these modifications also result in misaligned spines and joints. The following are a couple of the changes:

The release of hormones that relax muscles and ligaments, making it easier for joints to misalign;

The lumbar and thoracic spinal curves are caused by a change in weight distribution.


Weight gain causes misalignment of the vertebral and sacroiliac joints; and

Increased weight gain, putting strain on the spine and pelvis.

Pelvic balance and alignment are particularly important during pregnancy because the uterus is supported by key ligaments in the pelvis. These ligaments play an increasingly important role as her baby grows. The uterus would be symmetrically supported as long as the pelvis is balanced during pregnancy. This is particularly important because it gives the baby enough space to move and develop naturally in the womb.

Chiropractic doctors are qualified to realign misaligned joints in the body to improve overall health. Chiropractic therapies are highly recommended for maternal care and are successful in sustaining a healthy pregnancy. Both the mother and the child benefit from this form of treatment.

Why Does Chiropractic Care Make a Difference During Pregnancy?

Women who seek chiropractic treatment during pregnancy can reap a variety of benefits. These advantages may have a positive impact on both the pregnancy and the delivery process. They are as follows:

Preparing for a healthier pregnancy

Symptoms of nausea are reduced

Labor and distribution times are being slashed.

Back, spine, and joint pain relief

Preventing a possible caesarean section

Any obstetrical operation (e.g., Pitocin, epidural anaesthesia) raises the possibility of additional, even more severe procedures. The risk of a surgical or mechanical (e.g., forceps, vacuum) delivery increases as a result of these procedures. Since these abnormal methods of delivery can cause trauma to both the mother and the infant, we must reduce our dependence on them. Prenatal chiropractic treatment, which assists in preparing the mother’s baby for a safe birth, is one way to do just that.

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