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Set the airless home in the middle of the area you want to start painting when you first get it. The hose is usually about 50 feet long. Until you start painting, stretch out the hose so you don’t have to think about it unravelling when you’re up on a ladder. It’s a good idea to have a 100′ extension cord so you can take the airless anywhere you want to paint without being limited. Make sure the airless is turned off before plugging it into the extension cable. Infinity Painting has some nice tips on this.

 You don’t want the airless to start pumping until the paint has dried! Now, before you turn on the airless, it’s a smart idea to have a second empty bucket next to your bucket of paint when you go to set it up. In a moment, I’ll understand why. Place the intake hose (with the wire mesh filter end) in the 5-gallon bucket of paint, and the primer hose (usually a lot smaller, around the size of a pencil’s) in the empty bucket of paint. Make sure that the airless is set to prime the unit first before turning it on. You can switch between prime and paint using the primer valve.

Trying this little test before turning on the computer is a good way to see if the valve is set to prime or paint. When you turn the valve clockwise a few times, you’ll find that the valve handle separates from the machine in one place (leaving a small crack between the valve and the machine), but the valve remains close to the machine in the other. The primer position refers to the position where the valve is isolated from the machine. Do this a few times to get a sense of what I’m talking about. Don’t worry if you keep turning the valve; it won’t hurt if you do so a million times in one direction.

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