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Marijuana was once known as a recreational drug or gateway drug and is now well recognised for its therapeutic qualities. Controversial however, marijuana’s therapeutic benefits cannot be dismissed by merely blaming the drug on its consumers for inducing abuse or a dependence. Marijuana is not just very successful in treating a variety of illnesses, but it has also become an extraordinarily safe medication — safer than most prescribed regular medicines. Marijuana successfully offers relief in numerous medical conditions and symptoms such as-nausea, diarrhoea, glaucoma, seizure disorders, obesity, diabetes, muscle spasms, spasticity, lack of appetite, other forms of pain including chronic pain, and much more, including relief from brain cancer, lung cancer, HIV / AIDS, and substance abuse-related addictions. Globally accepted as an alternative by the medical fraternity to heal those suffering from certain chronic ailments, marijuana has become a requirement for those the only effective treatment is marijuana available. For more details click Missouri Green Team – Medical Marijuana Doctors & Recommendations.

Although Medical Marijuana is available for purchase on the market, having a Medical Marijuana card is necessary for a consumer to buy a drug from a retailer.

Many states that have passed laws legalizing marijuana for medical purposes have some form of registration program and allow a medical marijuana card for patients and caregivers. For several states and counties, the possession of cannabis without a medicinal marijuana card may be seen as a legal offense, and there are specific penalties for violating the regulations.

It is legally important that patients first have Medical Marijuana cards so that they later don’t have to face legal hassles. Some of the best things about becoming a card-carrying medical marijuana patient is that under the state’s medical marijuana legislation you are granted full legal cover. Having a Medical Marijuana Card may be a tough challenge, one that might involve a referral from a licensed doctor, Contact the Hemp and Cannabis Foundation, check with the county office where you live to see what other paperwork is needed besides a referral from a doctor, and also a visit to a marijuana dispensary in your state.

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