A Massage Therapist Is Not Just For Couples

A massage therapist is the professional who provides massage therapy services to people of all ages and from all walks of life. Although a massage therapist perform the same basic task, the only real difference is the terminology, which is gender specific, often referring to females as masseuses. Some states do not require a specific licensing or registration to provide this type of therapeutic service. In other states, the regulations regarding massage therapy are much more detailed, including training and continuing education requirements. Browse this site listing about Nourishing Massage – massage therapist
There are many differences between a massage therapist, with the most common being educational requirements and education. There are also differences in licensing, although these are not gender-specific. In general, massage therapists are required to obtain an associate’s degree from an accredited program and take a specific number of classes, many of which are anatomy, pediatrics, physiology, nursing, and medical management, but some are not. Massage Therapists must pass a state exam, which may be different for each state, in order to legally practice.
There are many different types of venues that massage therapists work in. Many spas and health clubs offer classes and treatment programs for their customers, and may employ massage therapists on a contract basis. A spa may employ massage therapists from a local community college, while fitness centers and gyms may hire individual practitioners from a pool of local, temporary workers who have recently graduated or are still learning the trade. Many massage therapists work in offices of physicians, as therapists and/or secretaries to the physician, in physician’s offices, hospitals, and other health care facilities.

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